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The Speed Dr. Performance Nutrition Program – Ken Taylor

Many kids today are training like pro athletes especially yours. We want to make sure their efforts are supported nutritionally with healthy sources that not only replenishes the body but fires it up with safe natural products for all ages! I can show you the specific products that may be best for their needs. These are products I use every day!


First see this short video links below that explains the philosophy and products that makes me so happy to offer to my serious athletes.


The Isagenix products had to pass my personal criteria:

1) They must be certified by an independent 3rd party for high quality and no banned substances

2) They must be certified safe for younger athletes (good for 5 years old and up)

3) The systems must be easy to follow with almost zero prep time

4) There must be third party science that supports the systems

5) There must be good variety of products and flavors

6) They must produce results regardless of taste yet they must taste good

7) They must have at least a 30 Money back guarantee

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Kenneth D. Taylor

Temecula, CA

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“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” 

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