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Kenneth Taylor, Sport Speed Expert, is a SAQ Pioneer and former Professional Football Player (NFL) and World-class Track Athlete. He played Corner Back and Punt Returner for the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl XX Championship team and the San Diego Chargers. Since retiring from Pro football, he has become a well recognized Sport Speed Specialist. For over 20 years, Ken has coached and trained thousands of athletes from all different sports from various professional and educational institutions and corporations including middle/ high schools, colleges/universities, city leagues, Nike, the FBI, and professional players in soccer, tennis, baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and their kids!


Ken's specific training services are for those players who want to improve themselves and develop their athletic potential through speed, quickness, and athletic skill instruction. Ken specializes in helping the athlete understand his or her genetic potential through muscle physiology and movement biomechanics. He uses very unique communication techniques that help the athlete to understand what moving well should "feel" like and helps them master the ability of “What to move, Where to move, and When to move." The result is a spiraling chain reaction of positive confidence within each athlete that helps them strive for more.


Ken earned his BS degree from Oregon State University where he concentrated on “Exercise and Sports Science, Exercise Physiology, and Biomechanical Movement.” He has earned many awards including PAC-10 All-Academic Team 1982, 1983, and 1984 and was the PAC-10 Scholar-Athlete Medal Winner for 1984 representing track and football. He has conducted multiple speed seminars and written many speed articles, books and video instructions. Kenneth is also the founder of NASAQ (National Association of Speed~Agility~Quickness) and The Speed Dr. Speed Training programs.

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