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The Extreme Speed Training Special

The Psychology of Speed - Books I and II

Ken Taylor is a former NFL athlete and Super Bowl Champion from the famed 1985 Chicago Bears, and current Sport Speed Training Specialist. Ken has been training and educating athletes, parents, and coaches for 25 plus years on how to improve running speed for anyone. Contrary to many beliefs, speed can be taught and it changes lives. Most recently he has authored several books that discuss his experience, training, and research covering the topic of teaching speed. Ken focuses on not just the physiology of the human body but the “Psychology of Speed Training.” The secrets to how great athletes think while in motion. He uses very unique communication techniques to help athletes learn "what, where, and when" to move the body to run faster and work less.

In addition to explaining the “Psychology of Speed”, Ken specializes in helping the athlete understand his or her genetic potential. He explains why it is not only important to be faster but how to think while in motion. He uses very unique communication techniques to help athletes learn "what, where and when" to move the body to run faster and work less. Through years of studies, Ken also describes the negative spiraling effects of bad coaching. And he examines the spiraling chain reaction of positive self-confidence and how being faster improves a young athlete’s life.

Book II is a video book. It’s fully interactive. There are more than 20 instructional speed training videos with live active links that provide training videos right on your computer or device. The Book two videos focus on three separate videos per drill. The first video focuses on HOW to do the drill, the second video focuses on WHAT TO THINK ABOUT while doing the drill, and the third video focuses on the VARIATIONS that can be created off the base drill.

This not another grueling conditioning workout, it’s about learning. It’s about learning What to move, Where to move, and When to move to run faster with less effort. This speed training curriculum was designed with simplicity in mind. It is the first fully interactive video book. You will find links to video drills to give you real life demonstrations. The book contains the basic elements for warm up drills, sprint drills, and special tips and tricks to help anyone run faster and work less. All speed principals are based on the simple science of the body and earth.

The challenge is to learn what if feels like…to feel a skill…that you have not yet felt. The end result is to learn and then rehearse practical, applicable, and human movement patterns that produce “easy speed!”

The Extreme Speed Training Special is a special offering of a two for one price. Books I and II work together to help the reader learn HOW to run faster with less effort and WHAT to think about while in motion.