The Psychology of Speed - Book I

Teaching What Couldn't Be Taught.

Excerpts from the book:

"The words I chose to instruct her helped her relax first, then think. Once she got rid of the panic and fear and stress within herself, I could then put her body in the proper mechanical positions to run faster and more easily. The words her parents were using made her grimace, squeeze her body tight, grind her teeth, and work harder to go slower, and as a result, she became more tired." Chapter 7 - The Psychology of Words

"It is our fault as coaches and teachers that athletes hate to run. We continually use running as the primary means of punishment and discipline." Chapter 9 - Oh No! Not Running!: The Negative Effects of Running as a Punishment

"Repetition is the key - but it must be the right type of reps. Practice must be deliberate practice. This applies to the physical, mental, and the emotional attribututes of an athlete... you will create a habit, good or bad." Chapter 3 - The Power of 10,000

So how do you run faster? Learn how to use:

The 3 Speeds RSP (Ratio Seperation Point)
Scientific Principles
Speed of your Strength
and much more...