The Psychology of Speed - Book I

Teaching Athletes What Couldn't Be Taught.

An in-depth and unique approach to speed training. Using the power of 10,000, visualization techniques, psychological tricks, communication tips and the power of gravity, Ken puts an end to many myths of speed. Speed can be taught. And he will show you how. In addition to explaining the “Psychology of Speed”, Ken specializes in helping the athlete understand his or her genetic potential. He uses very unique communication techniques to help athletes learn "what, where and when" to move for speed, as well as for each sport. Through years of studies, Ken also describes the negative effects of bad coaching and the positive effects of being able to run fast for any sport. He explains the spiraling chain reaction of positive self-confidence and gives specific examples of how speed can change an athlete’s life - sometimes in unimaginable ways. View More


The Psychology of Speed - Book II

Online Video Speed Training Mental and Physical Skills and Drills.

A brilliant Step by Step Training Manual using proven scientific principles to get you to run faster and work less. Ken, teaches you how to increase your speed through body movement, not conditioning. This first ever, interactive speed eManual contains hours of training, including over 15 step by step videos with tips, tricks, drills, training programs and more! This eManual will be emailed to you within 24hours with active links to all training videos. Extremely convenient! You can watch/pause/play right on the field using your smartphone, iPad or tablet. View More


The Psychology of Speed - Book III

Psychological Influences Impacting Athletic Speed, Agility & Quickness.

Every athlete harbors some level of mental challenges that directly affects their performance. The Psychology of Speed - Book III is a about the psychological influences that impact athletic speed, agility and quickness before, during and after any specific game, play or drill. It’s the study of Sport and Exercise Psychology as it relates to the athlete, coach, trainer and parent. Many of the world’s best athletes have benefited from the research and application that relates to their sport. ​ This book is like no other you have ever read. Want to change your life? Check this book out! View More